Sell your firearm online and need it shipped out of state? We can help! Read the info below to get started!

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If you are a FFL and need to get a copy of your license to us please email it to houstongunforum@gmail.com we do not use a fax machine.

Outbound Transfers are $50 per item. This includes shipping and a tracking number, as well as packing material and an outer box. Handguns may be shipped without an inner box, at your discretion. Long guns MUST include the factory box, or a hard case. We will provide the OUTER box, packing material, tape, etc. We do keep plano hard cases here on hand for this purpose, that fit most long guns. The fee for a plano case from us is only $20. We will not ship a long gun without a hard case or factory box, to avoid damage during shipping. We have seen far too many long guns become damaged or even separated from the box during shipping.

Do you have a firearm you need sent to a FFL dealer out of state? We offer outbound transfers at an affordable price.

We can provide packing material, boxes, padding, bubble wrap, and send your item off like we would our own. We ship a ton of items out via online sales and we are experienced in getting firearms from point A to point B with 0 damage or issues. For long guns, we require the long gun to be mailed in the factory box, or a hard case. We will provide the OUTER box, but we do require that all long guns be packed inside the outer box with a factory box or hard case. We do keep hard cases on hand here and if you would like one they are $20 (just $2.50 over our cost). We have had many bad experiences with long guns mailed to us on transfer that were damaged during shipping and to avoid having those issues ourselves the cheap plano hard case is well worth the investment.

We use UPS exclusively, and send all of our items adult signature required. If you wish, you may provide us with a prepaid shipping label, but remember your method of shipping must comply to federal, local, state, and carrier rules and regulations.

To get started on sending out your item, contact us today!

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